Application process

Admissions process

There are three stages to the admissions process; each stage is outlined below.

The first stage is an online application form to collect basic information about you and your academic background. You will also need to submit a Personal Statement.

The personal statement can be tailored to the Dyson Institute, so we'll expect you to include why you're interested in:

  • engineering
  • a degree apprenticeship
  • starting your career at Dyson

It will also give you the opportunity to demonstrate how you have developed the skills and attributes required to be successful as an Undergraduate Engineer.

The Personal Statement can be up to 4000 characters (including spaces) and will form part of your application form.

Check you meet, or you're on track to meet, our entry requirements and make sure you know your GCSE (or equivalent) Maths and English grades.

The online assessment will take place between 1st - 12th February. The assessment includes three activities and lasts approximately 75 minutes. The three activities are designed to give you a variety of assessment styles, to demonstrate your skills and aptitude, and give a holistic insight into your potential.

These short games-style activities assess how you work with information and people, your personality and work style, to see if you have the right attributes to be successful as an Undergraduate Engineer.

The assessment will take approximately 15 minutes and will assess numerical ability, alongside the attributes and behaviours outlined in our non-academic entry requirements (for example, problem solving). This assessment can be accessed on almost any device.

Designed by Dyson engineers and the Dyson Institute academic team, this assessment gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your technical ability. It features exam style questions, with multiple choice answers, where you'll apply your knowledge of A Level Maths to real Dyson engineering problems.

The assessment is multiple choice and will take up to 30 minutes. 

The interview will include eight questions and last approximately 30 minutes.

Five questions will relate to the skills and behaviours outlined in our non-academic entry criteria.

Three questions will be focused on your passion for engineering, interest in a degree apprenticeship and motivation to start your career at Dyson. 

The assessment day will be held in person at the Dyson campus in Malmesbury, between 13th and 31st March. The morning will include three assessments, outlined below, and the afternoon will be an opportunity to meet current undergraduates, Dyson Institute staff and see the accommodation at Dyson Village. We don’t want finance to be a barrier to anyone attending these events and will reimburse travel expenses - please see Applicant support for more details.

Collaborative working is integral to being a Dyson engineer. The activity will last around 75 minutes and you'll work with your team to solve a Dyson problem.

Our assessors will be looking for you to demonstrate the attributes and behaviours outlined in our non-academic entry requirements.

The interview will be focused on how you apply your Maths A Level knowledge to real-world engineering. It will be led by a Dyson engineer and Dyson Institute academic and will last around an hour.

Our assessors will be looking for you to demonstrate the attributes and behaviours outlined in our non-academic entry requirements.

The interview will be focused on your interests and motivation, including the strengths you can bring to the role. The interview will be led by the Dyson Institute Recruitment and Admissions team and Dyson HR.

Our assessors will be looking for you to demonstrate the attributes and behaviours outlined in our non-academic entry requirements.

Following the final stage, the Dyson Institute team will hold a moderation meeting to review and discuss our final stage applicants against a scoring matrix. You can then expect to hear from us with the outcome of your application by email or phone by early April 2023.

If you have been unsuccessful at the assessment day we will notify you by email initially. We are happy to provide you with valuable feedback from the day, and the whole process, and will ask you to request this opportunity and we'll arrange a convenient day and time to have a call to go through this.

Admissions support

We don't want background to be a barrier to anyone applying or reaching their full potential in our admissions process. Find out more about the applicant support we offer below.

We'll host webinars for each stage of the admissions process. Check out our events for sessions on how to apply. Once you've applied, you'll be invited to the webinars for the subsequent stages.

If you're invited to attend an assessment day, we'll call you to give you valuable feedback on your online assessment, which you can use to prepare for the day. We'll also share a preparation video with you on what to expect.

When we review your application, we'll look at your background information to see if you're from a potentially under-represented background in engineering.

If you are, we'll give you the opportunity to join a specific group-coaching session ahead of the online assessment and you'll be offered a mock interview ahead of the assessment day.

We will contribute to accommodation and travel expenses for activities that involve visiting the Dyson Institute at the Dyson Technology campus in Malmesbury, such as Assessment Days and pre-joining events. We will offer reimbursement (with proof of purchase) for:

• UK (exc. NI) applicants – up to £150
• Northern Irish and European applicants – up to £250
• International applications – up to £1000

When we hold activities on campus, we'll also arrange a shuttle from/to Chippenham at the appropriate times, which is easily accessible by train and has several cost-effective accommodation options.

If booking travel and/or accommodation yourself would affect your ability to attend an event on campus, please get in touch with the Recruitment & Admissions team, who will be happy to help.

The Dyson Institute joining bursary offers individual bursaries of £1,000 to students who may need support with some of the start-up costs of joining Higher Education – such as purchasing textbooks, travelling to their new home and participating in social events.

The bursary is awarded in full to eligible students shortly after A Level Results Day on confirmation that they will take their place at the Dyson Institute.

More information on how to apply for the bursary, and the supporting evidence needed, will be shared with you if you are offered a place at the Dyson Institute.

We welcome applications from individuals with disabilities, learning differences or additional support needs. We encourage applicants to discuss their potential requirements with us as early as possible in the admissions process, to ensure that reasonable adjustments can be made to both the admissions process and to the work and study experience if successful.

Applicants with disabilities or additional support needs will be assessed against the same criteria as all other participants in the application process. Their declared needs or any reasonable adjustments made to the assessment process will not impact the decisions made throughout the assessment process.

We will ask for details of your disability or additional support needs within the application form, to enable us to review and consider appropriate reasonable adjustments. However, if you need to make us aware of these prior to submitting an application, please send an e-mail with your contact information and the nature of your request to Determinations of requests for reasonable adjustments are made on a case-by-case basis.

Reasonable adjustments will vary depending on the individual and their learning difference and/or disability. Some examples of adjustments previously made are: additional preparation time, screen reader use and assessment materials printed on different colours.

We adhere to UK Higher Education requirements and good practice in accommodating students with additional requirements, and Dyson Technology UK is an equal opportunity employer.