What is The Dyson Institute?

In March 2016 the Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation, invited James Dyson to take advantage of the Higher Education Research Bill to set up an engineering program. A program to produce engineers who are work-ready – to inspire brave people who can get hands on with real engineering challenges, who have a passion for solving problems and a fascination for how things work. The Dyson Institute first welcomed undergraduates in September 2017 and there are now 150 Undergraduates across four years.


Every day, we work to build challenging and enriching educational experiences which are free, student-centric and aligned with the needs of industry.

Our vision is to become the best engineering university in the world, which develops the engineering leaders of the future. Our values reflect our heritage and are aligned with the broader Dyson group.


We’re brave explorers, curious and excited by the unknown. Using engineering logic and ingenious thinking, we create our own future, overturning conventional wisdom.


We work together to create new and exciting experiences that are entirely our own. Nothing is borrowed.


We explore, discover and learn for ourselves, to form revolutionary ideas. Then we iterate and refine, developing fast to stay ahead. Never satisfied, we believe everything can always be made better.