Degree Apprenticeship

A degree apprenticeship is a higher education opportunity, which combines work with higher-level learning and which leads to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Apprentices spend most of their week at work. But they also spend at least 20 per cent of their time in off-the-job study or training.

For our programme, you spend 40% of your time per week on off-the-job study, with two study days and you will pursue the Level 6 Design and Development Engineer apprenticeship standard alongside a BEng (Hons) Engineering degree.

We have chosen this apprenticeship standard, as the content of this qualification best reflects the academic content of the degree programme:


  • Mathematics and science for engineers
  • Materials and manufacture
  • Mechanical, electrical and electronic principles and applications
  • Statics and dynamics
  • How to undertake and apply business-led projects
  • Engineering operations and business management
  • Applying advanced technology techniques


Whilst the apprenticeship standard is Level 6 Design and Development Engineer, the degree is not design engineering focussed, as you will see in the module information here.

You will not be assessed for the apprenticeship standard until you have completed your degree. You will maintain a log book: a record of the skills and knowledge you have developed during your apprenticeship training period, throughout the four year years. Once you have completed the academic degree course, you will be entered for your End Point Assessment.

Please note: you will only be enrolled onto the apprenticeship standard if you have been a citizen of the EEA for the past three years. However, this will not preclude you from being an Undergraduate Engineer at The Dyson Institute.