Students as Partners
Shape the Institute for Future Years

Shape the Institute for Future Years

The Dyson Institute treats students as partners in their educational experience. As such, it has a comprehensive Student Engagement Framework. This framework sets out the principles and practices as to how The Dyson Institute works together with its student body and the University of Warwick to engage students in shaping their own experience and that of others. This encompasses all aspects of academic governance, learning, work with Dyson Technology Ltd and wider student experience.


Undergraduate Experience Committee

The Dyson Institute’s Undergraduate Experience Committee (UEC) exists to provide students with the opportunity to have a say on their entire student experience, and for The Dyson Institute team (and the University of Warwick – WMG through the Academic Representatives) to consult with students and obtain feedback on new proposals. The aim of the UEC is to ensure effective communication between cohorts and to/from students and The Dyson Institute team. There are designated reps for every area of student life, including:


  • Head Rep
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Social and Sports
  • Wellbeing and Diversity
  • Academic
  • Workplace
  • Communities