Third Year Undergraduate

Relaxed culture and real diversity

I always wanted to go into engineering and was looking for a really hands on university course with lots of application to real life. I quickly ruled out traditional degrees and Oxbridge due to the courses being quite old fashioned and lacking in a practical application. The Institute has a really good balance of practical application in the workplace while still having a solid theoretical grounding which comes with a traditional degree.

Malmesbury was a big change from London, but with the weekends so free of work it is easy to explore the surrounding areas, both within the Cotswold and further. Whilst it is hard work, we also try to have fun. The financial freedom compared to other students as well as free weekends allows us to have more experiences. The cohorts are very broad in terms of why people came to the Dyson Institute and what they aim to do afterwards. Yes, everyone shares the common interest of engineering, but there are so many different angles of approaching the same interest.