Third Year Undergraduate

Social, friendly and caring

My plan was to go to university to study mechanical engineering. But before this I wanted to take a gap year where I would travel then work a few months in the engineering industry. However, the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology was an eye opener into the world of engineering. It was an opportunity for me to explore what engineering meant to me and where I wanted to take my skills to in the future.

As the year progressed and people came out of their shell, student life proved to be very unique. We may not go out quite as much as students at other universities, but we do know how to have a good time when we do! Although I found it hard living in the Malmesbury countryside, especially since I moved from a large city, after my first year I decided to move into Bristol and the student life has been amazing. The Dyson bus service also allows me to commute into Malmesbury every day with ease.

The biggest surprise about the Dyson Institute is how friendly the culture is. The staff treat us more like friends than anything else which makes communication easy and comfortable. I was worried about entering a workplace where everyone was an expert in their field. However, I found that Dyson is such a young company so it is very easy to get along with people and find things in common. It is easy to contact colleagues at work which has allowed me to build a fantastic network. Furthermore, student support is exceptional here - whatever problem you have there is a person to help you. Even if you do not have a direct problem there are staff who ensure your well-being is at top form. The coaching from the staff is personal too which you just wouldn't get at a regular university. We really put mental health first at Dyson and it shows