Fourth Year Undergraduate

Tailored to the individual

I almost fell into the trap of going to a traditional university just because every single person from my sixth form applied. All my university offers were for Mechanical Engineering, but after two years of the work rotations here, I was able to realise that I don't even like mechanics! Also, the class sizes are much smaller than university class sizes. As someone who learns better by asking questions and engaging in smaller group discussions, this course is very suitable. The lecturer can focus on students more as the groups are smaller. At the same time, the workplace is the best place to grow and develop as a world-class engineer. The workplace helps me to solidify my theory knowledge from lectures the very next day! I can implement what I learn and if I'm stuck, I can just ask the Principle Engineer sat next to me, who has been doing this for over 10 years. As the Dyson Institute is generally a much smaller institute, I can make a greater impact as an individual.