Third Year Undergraduate

High achieving in all things

During 6th Form I applied to 5 universities through UCAS and this was the only degree apprenticeship I applied for. I loved the practical aspect of apprenticeships, but most seemed to start at a low level or have an obligation to work for the company for a long time afterwards. However, the Dyson Institute ticked all the boxes for me. It had a huge practical focus and a lot of time in the workplace without losing the high-achieving academic side of the course.

The workplace is very relaxed. There are big open plan offices and lots of labs if you need to get hands on for your work. Our line managers are really supportive if there's anything holding you back and it's generally just a nice place to be. I just want to stress how good the workplace is. I really love the practical side and there are lots of opportunities to get hands on and make and test things myself. When you get a project you're passionate about, it's great to look forward to going to work and being able to use all sorts of state-of-the-art facilities to create something meaningful.

Dyson Institute student Jack


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