Getting started at The Dyson Institute.
Helping you to settle in.

Helping you to settle in.

The Dyson Institute offers both offer holders and new starters a series of activities and initiatives to ease their transition into Higher Education and the working environment.

Physics Summer School

Between July/August each year The Dyson Institute offers a Physics Summer School. The course is designed by the University of Warwick, in partnership with The Dyson Institute and the content is a condensed version of the relevant Engineering content from the A-Level Physics syllabus. It comprises four days of intensive teaching onsite at the University of Warwick, currently delivered by the Warwick lecturers that deliver The Dyson Institute programme, and approximately 2 days of self-study. The course is then assessed by external A Level tutors and the student is asked to submit an assignment and complete a face to face discussion based on their submission (up to 1 day).

It is a requirement to attend and complete the Summer School for offer holders who did not take Physics at A Level (or equivalent). Alternatively, if an offer holder feels their Physics knowledge requires a top-up, such as for those who have taken a gap year after completing their A Levels, we may also recommend attending. This will be confirmed during the offer stage.

The Summer School aims to give offer holders the foundation knowledge and academic support required, prior to the start of the programme, to set them up for success from day one. Accommodation is provided during the four days onsite at Warwick and reasonable expenses are covered by The Dyson Institute.


Pre-joining event

The Dyson Institute holds a number of events for offer-holders. These vary in size and can be adjusted to suit individual need. These range from large, city centre events to one-to-one visits to our campus in Malmesbury.

These events enable offer-holders to:
- Meet their future cohort, Dyson Institute staff and colleagues in an informal setting.
- Hear about any changes at The Dyson Institute.
- Start to shape their experience and initiate any specific support requests/needs/concerns.
- Ask questions of Dyson Institute staff.


Joining fund

The Dyson Institute Joining Fund offers individual bursaries of £1,000 to students who may need support with some of the start-up costs of joining Higher Education – such as purchasing text books, travelling to their new home and participating in social events. The bursary is awarded in full to eligible students shortly after A Level Results Day on confirmation that they will take their place at The Dyson Institute.

You can apply for support from the Dyson Institute Joining Fund if you meet one of the following eligibility criteria:
- You currently live in a household in receipt of benefits,
- You are estranged from your parents.

More information on how to apply for the bursary and the supporting evidence needed will be shared with you if you are offered at place at The Dyson Institute.