The Dyson Institute Spaces

We relocated to a dedicated space within the Dyson Technology campus in September 2019, with brand new facilities including two additional lecture spaces, a laboratory, library and breakout areas for Undergraduates to study.

Laboratory Space

Laboratory Spaces

We have two laboratory spaces with large desks that make it easy to work on group projects, and with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment on-hand, they’re perfect for practical, hands-on experiments.

Teaching spaces

Teaching Spaces

Our teaching spaces are used for lectures and self-study during study days of the week. They can also be used by Undergraduates outside of study days for group work and other activities. With interactive whiteboards on the walls in each room, they are perfect for collaborative projects.


Within our space, there is a designated library area containing all the core text books you will need for your studies, as well as a wellbeing resources. As Undergraduates, you will also have full access to an online library resource.

Breakout Spaces

Alongside our teaching spaces, we have multiple breakout spaces which are perfect for working on a group project or supporting each other with coursework. Large whiteboards, screens and all the resources you need at your fingertips.