Lecturer - Mechanical Engineering

Personal Statement

Prior to working at The Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology, I worked as a researcher at Imperial College London. While there, I had the opportunity to undertake a few teaching roles as a graduate teaching assistant. My teaching experience includes mathematics, basic fluid dynamics, and basic computer programming. I have been involved in a few aspects of mechanical engineering from designing and implementing open-source software packages to teaching and lab demonstrations.


Why did you choose to come to the Dyson Institute?

Dyson, as a tech-based organisation thrives on engineering innovations and excellence. I believe the Dyson institute is yet another pioneering and unique platform from Dyson to develop and shape the next generation of ambitious and innovative engineers. I hope I can become a useful member of the Dyson Institute and be able to offer my skills and knowledge as an educator while enriching my learning as an engineer by interacting with undergraduate engineers while here.


Academic qualifications and any professional memberships 

PhD, MSc, BSc