A Dyson degree is different.

Through your job within Global Engineering you will contribute to real Dyson projects - bringing the theory to life from day one. Why wait until graduation when you could start developing new technologies now.

You’ll be given time out of your engineering job to work towards a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from WMG, University of Warwick. Teaching will be predominantly delivered on the Dyson campus, by professors from the University of Warwick and supported by Dyson's world-leading engineers.

In your first two years, you'll study general engineering modules. Assessment will be through exams and live Dyson projects. Across years three and four, you will have the option to specialise in either Mechanical Engineering, Electronics or a combination of Mechanical Engineering and Electronics. The assessment emphasis will then shift to more vocational assignments and projects. Dyson will support and guide you through the potential specialisation pathways to find the route best suited to you.

Alongside theoretical knowledge, the course will develop your applied skills, such as prototyping and computer aided design. You'll benefit from working in an international business environment. You'll play a vital role in the development of a product and understand how it develops from conception to the moment it hits the shelves.

Your tuition fees will be entirely funded by Dyson - you'll graduate debt-free.