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Bring academic theory to life. 

The BEng Engineering Degree Apprenticeship typically takes four years to complete. In the first two years, you’ll study a rigorous and challenging general engineering syllabus, giving you a strong technical foundation across:   

  • mechanical engineering  
  • electronics and electrical engineering  
  • electromechanical engineering  
  • software engineering.   

While studying, you’ll complete rotations in different global engineering teams, giving you opportunities to apply academic theory to real-world problems.  

In years three and four, you’ll specialise in one of these areas. We’ll guide you through the potential specialisation pathways to find the route best suited to you – and help you find an engineering team that aligns to your academic studies.  

Alongside theoretical knowledge, you’ll develop applied skills, such as design, prototyping, PCB layout and computer aided design (CAD).  

Course structure

During term time, two days a week are devoted to lectures, revision, academic projects and self-study. For the remainder of the week, you’ll work alongside Dyson engineers on live Dyson projects.  

In years one and two, you’ll have:

  • Semester one: two taught modules
  • Semester two: two taught modules
  • Plus, a programming and a mathematics module that spans the year

In years three and four, you’ll study ten taught modules across the two years and work on an individual academic project that’s focused on your specialism – embedded within your team in the Research, Design and Development (RDD) department at Dyson.  

Academic year

There are two academic semesters per year:    

  • Semester one: September - February  
  • Semester two: February - July  

 Typically, there‘s a modular exam at the end of each term. From July to September, you'll continue to learn and develop through our Summer Series programme.  

 You'll receive a generous holiday entitlement of 328 hours per year, which is approximately 41 days, plus 8 bank holidays. This is a mixture of 'annual leave' which you can book any time (excluding study days) and 'academic leave', where you are allocated approximately a week after each exam and two weeks in summer.

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Teaching facilities

The Dyson Institute relocated to a dedicated space within the Dyson Technology campus in September 2019, with brand new facilities including two additional lecture spaces, a laboratory, library and breakout areas for undergraduates to study. 

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Student stories

At the Dyson Institute, you’ll be an engineer from day one.
Real projects. Real responsibilities.