Have you got what it takes?

Studying an academically rigorous degree, whilst working three days a week is not for the faint hearted.

Our admissions process is designed to establish your potential to thrive in this challenging environment. You need to demonstrate academic strength, technical aptitude, and have the skills and qualities needed to succeed in a professional working environment.

Alongside meeting our academic entry criteria, there are a number of stages designed to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your suitability for the programme. And the reward? You’ll join alongside a group of like-minded Undergraduates, motivated to succeed and support each other on this journey.

“My attitude has always been to take on high-potential young people, give them immediate responsibility, and mentor them through. It’s not an easy option to choose, but that’s why we are developing some truly exceptional engineers.”

Sir James Dyson

Ready to apply?

Before submitting your application, we recommend checking these things first:

  • Have you reviewed the full application process?
  • Are you eligible to apply?           
  • Do you meet or are you on track to meet the academic entry requirements?
  • Have you prepared your Personal Statement?
  • Do you have your CV ready – saved as a PDF?
  • Can you remember your Maths and English GCSE (or equivalent) grades?
  • Do you have 40 minutes free, to submit the application in one sitting?

 Answered yes to all? Let’s get started!

Entry requirements

Being an Undergraduate at The Dyson Institute is academically, personally and professionally demanding. To be selected for the programme, we require you to be academically strong and able to demonstrate that you can cope with the professional demands that come with being in a workplace alongside studying.

Application process

There are four stages of assessment, as we need to be sure you’re the type of person who’ll succeed at The Dyson Institute. 

Financial support

We don’t want financial background to be a barrier to anyone applying to The Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology. 

Therefore, we will contribute to accommodation and travel expenses for activities that involve visiting The Dyson Institute at the Dyson Technology campus in Malmesbury, such as Assessment Days and pre-joining events.