Application process

The programme is highly competitive and our application process is very thorough to ensure that we are confident our Undergraduates are able to succeed academically and professionally. We do not currently use the UCAS application system and, of course, you are welcome to apply and hold offers from other institutions whilst applying to The Dyson Institute.


First Stage – Application

The first stage is an online application form to collect basic information about you and your academics. You will also need to provide a CV and Personal Statement.

The personal statement will give us an insight into your motivation and interest in The Dyson Institute of Engineering & Technology, and allows you to demonstrate how you have developed the skills and attributes required to be successful as an Undergraduate Engineer.

The Personal Statement can be up to 4000 characters and will need to be uploaded as part of your online application form.

We advise you to: 

  • Include why you’re applying – as you apply to The Dyson Institute directly and not through UCAS, you can be specific on why The Dyson Institute of Engineering & Technology and why you’re interested in this degree apprenticeship programme.
  • Take a look at our non-academic entry criteria to understand the skills and attributes we’re looking for – this should help you focus your Personal Statement.

Consider how you feel you have developed the necessary entry requirements:

  • have you developed transferrable skills through education, work experience, volunteering?
  • do you pursue relevant hobbies / activities that demonstrate the skills required, such as problem solving and a passion for engineering?
  • do you belong to any clubs / societies, or have you been involved in programmes such as Duke of Edinburgh, National Apprenticeship Service etc.?


Second Stage – Online Assessment

We will invite you to take three short online assessments:

  • Numerical analysis aptitude (24 minutes)
  • Diagrammatic analysis aptitude (24 minutes)
  • Personality-based assessment (6-10 minutes)

If you meet the required benchmarks in the aptitude assessments, we will also review and assess your Personal Statement for evidence of the skills and attributes we look for.


Third Stage – Telephone Interview

The penultimate stage is a telephone interview with a member of The Dyson Institute team. This is an opportunity for us to find out a little more about you and the interview will cover:

  • Your understanding of the programme.
  • Your interests and motivation.
  • Scenario questions – we will give you a real life example of a situation you could be in and we would like to understand how you would approach this. This will also give you an insight into life at The Dyson Institute.

This will also be your opportunity to ask any questions you have about the programme and all things Dyson Institute.


Final Stage – Assessment Day

Our final stage is an assessment day at our campus in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. This final round of assessment will comprise of a group based exercise and a technical interview. The activities will enable us to observe your behaviour in a team-working environment and explore your academic and technical understanding.

In addition, the day allows you to get a feel for the environment we work in, meet key people, including some of our current Undergraduate Engineers, and to get a better understanding of life here at The Dyson Institute and within Dyson itself.

Following the assessment days, The Dyson Institute team will hold a moderation meeting to review and discuss our final stage applicants against a scoring matrix. You can then expect to hear from us with the outcome of your application by email or phone within 14 days (or 14 days of the final assessment day if a number of assessment days are held in close succession).