Application process

The programme is highly competitive and our application process is very thorough to ensure that we are confident our Undergraduates are able to succeed academically and professionally.  We do not currently use the UCAS application system and, of course, you are welcome to apply to other institutions whilst applying to The Dyson Institute.

Our application process is broken down into 5 key stages:

  1. Initial application
  2. Online assessment
  3. Application questions
  4. Telephone interview
  5. Assessment day

See below for more detail about the individual stages.

Note the timescales offered below are indicative of the time taken to complete each stage – they are not definitive.  The Dyson Institute will communicate with applicants should there be a significant change to the timescales published below.


Stage One: Initial application
You will be asked to submit your basic contact details and your education history which will include your predicted or achieved qualifications (see entry requirements).  It enables us to check your eligibility for the programme.  You can expect to hear from us by email within 10 days of registering your interest about progression to the next stage.


Stage Two: Online assessment                                                                                                                
To explore your problem-solving ability, there will be two online assessments for you to complete at home.  These assessments will focus on your numerical and diagrammatic aptitude. You have 2 weeks to complete this stage of the process after we notify you, and you should hear from us within 10 days of submission about progression to the next stage.


Stage Three: Application questions
You will receive an online application form by email from our Undergraduate Admissions Team.  You will be asked some questions about your passion for engineering and what inspires you. We would also like to hear about a time when you've had to solve a particularly challenging problem either in your own time or as part of your studies.  You will also need to provide your CV, a portfolio (only if you have one) and details of any holidays you have planned within the next 12 months.  This information is required within four weeks of you receiving the form.  Following your online application you can expect to hear from us by email within 10 days.


Stage Four: Telephone Interview
We want to get to know you better – the person behind the qualifications. Our Undergraduate Admissions Team will be in contact to arrange a phone call to discuss your understanding of Dyson, the programme at The Dyson Institute, and your motivation for applying. This interview will last approximately 30 minutes. Following the telephone interview you can expect to hear from us by email or phone within 10 days.


Stage Five: Assessment Day
Finally, we will hold an assessment day at Dyson Technology Campus in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.  This final round of assessment will comprise of a collaborative exercise and two in-depth interviews (a behavioural interview and a technical interview).  It enables us to observe your behaviour in a team-working environment and conduct in-depth interviews focusing on specific areas highlighted through previous stages and your aspirations. 

In addition, the day allows applicants to get a feel for the environment we work in, meet key people, including some of our current Undergraduate Engineers, and to get a better understanding of life here at The Dyson Institute and within Dyson itself. 


Following the assessment day, The Dyson Institute team will hold a moderation meeting to discuss our final stage applicants against a scoring matrix. You can then expect to hear from us with the outcome of your application by email or phone within 14 days (or 14 days of the final assessment day if a number of assessment days are held in close succession).