How to show us what you’re made of.

Dyson is a high-pressure environment - we’re looking for engineers with dedication and huge potential. You will need at least AAB at A Level (or equivalent), including A grades in Mathematics and one other Science, Technology or Engineering-related subject.

If you’ve got the tenacity, creativity and perseverance it takes to be a Dyson engineer, we want to hear from you. The application process is your first of many chances to prove just how different you really are.

There are four stages of assessment. It might sound like a lot, but we’re looking long-term – we need to be sure you’re the type of person who’ll succeed at Dyson. You will be notified after completing each stage as to whether you've been successful.

Stage One

In the application form you will be answering some questions about your education and interests. We’d also like to see an example of a design, technology or engineering project you’ve worked on.

Stage Two

Then, to explore your problem-solving mentality, there’ll be a few online tests to take at home.

Stage Three

We’ll want to get to know you better – the person behind the qualifications. So we’ll conduct an interview over the phone.

Stage Four

Finally, we’ll hold an assessment day at Dyson HQ. You can see the environment we work in and meet key people to get a better understanding of life here at Dyson.



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